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Hi everyone,

Thanks for stopping by and checking System Theory out! System Theory is a table top role playing game that I have in development. You may have noticed DRAFT peppered about the site indicating that this is in fact draft of the book so far. As of writing this most of the content published so far is essentially stream of thought and I am publishing at this stage of the process for two reasons. The first being that I want to document this process end-to-end as much as possible. The second reason is that I want feedback as early in the process as possible. Right now everything is served from Netlify and rendered from a Hugo project on Github. I plan on making my repository public once I finish iterating on my build pipeline and get the licencing hammered out.

I’m manually labeling site revisions with a semantic versioning system. I’ll post more information in a blog post with respect to what that means for this project later. I am also keeping a changelog that I will update with every version of the site that gets published. The first entry is a little light on details as I left it a bit late in the process to start and kept it vague and highlevel. Next entry will be better, I swear.

Thanks again for stopping by and if you want to keep up the changes then sign up to my mailing list below. It will keep you up-to-date on changes and blog posts.

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