Health Points (HP) #

The represents the physical condition and to a degree their luck. More health points represent that a character can take more damage before they die. Every time a character takes damage it gets deducted from that character’s total health. Once a character’s health reaches their luck has run out and are no longer for this universe.

Attributes #

Attributes represent the natural (or augmented) abilities of a character. Attributes are rated against what an average human is capable. Zero represents average and anything above that is considered above average. Conversely anything below that is considered below average. Each attribute can have a maximum of 10 and minimum of -10. Anything outside that can only be achieved with augmentations. An attribute with 10 assigned to it represents the absolute peak ability that a human is theoretically capable of without a little extra help. An attribute with -10 represents that it is functionally non-existent. The attributes that a character starts with can be considered to be what they were born with. Any increase or decrease after character creation is a result of their experiences and/or training.

Strength #

Strength refers to the physical ability of character. How much can they lift, how hard they can throw a punch, how fast can they swing a hammer, etc. The average untrained person with a strength of zero can be expected to lift a 70kg (~155lb) weight and put it back down once. A strength of 10 would equate to lifting a 290kg (640lb) weight once. To lift any more would require augmentations. A character with a strength of -10 would be unable to lift themselves out of bed.

Dexterity #

Dexterity refers to the ability to use one’s hands skillfully and efficiently. It determines the manual agility, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills of a character. Dexterity allows a person to perform tasks requiring precise movements and control. A person with good dexterity is able to manipulate objects quickly and accurately, which can be especially important in situations where speed and precision are crucial, such as playing a musical instrument or performing surgery. The average untrained person with a dexterity of 0 would be able to catch a small object most of the time and hit a large target with a projectile.

A dexterity of 10 with a bow would be able to consistently hit a target 150m away. A character with a dexterity of -10 with a bow would be a danger to themselves and those around them.

A thief with a dexterity of 10 might be able to steal a necklace off of a person right in front them with out drawing attention. A thief with a dexterity of -10 trying the same action might get arrested for being handsy.

Vitality #

Vitality refers to a person’s physical and mental energy, and resilience. It is a measure of how much life and energy a person has, and how well they are able to function and perform on a daily basis. Someone with a vitality of 10 would be able to hike dozens of kilometers in a single day through extremely tough terrain with little rest, while someone with a -10 is simply dead. Vitality is also used to calculate health.

Charisma #

Charisma is often associated with confidence, energy, and the ability to communicate effectively. A charismatic person is not necessarily good looking but their attractiveness can contribute to it. Some people may naturally have more charisma than others, but it can also be developed over time through practice and experience. Charismatic people are often leaders, as they are able to inspire others to follow them and achieve a common goal. A character with a charisma of 10 might be a galaxy renown media star, their sheer force of presence can command immediate attention when entering a room. A character with a charisma score of -10 folks are devoid of any personality whatsoever and may as well be an automaton.

Intelligence #

Intelligence refers to the ability to retain and apply knowledge. Using IQ as an example as an example. An IQ of 200 would represent an intelligence of 10 and most likely was a child prodigy of some sort. A character with an intelligence score of -10 would be in a persistent vegetative state.

Wisdom #

Background (Classes) #

Archetypes that dictate aptitudes and represent a characters history. They aren’t as hard defining of character roles as a class may be in other Table Top Role Playing Game (TTRPG) systems. A given characters background may instead influence their contacts, knowledge, and starting skills. However an accountant who starts a new career as a pirate will soon find himself a well seasoned combat veteran that can quickly calculate EBITDA of a campaign of terror across the Oosun quadrant.

Industrialist #

Specialization #

Miner #

Manufacturer #

R&D #

Outlaw #

Specialization #

Smuggler #

Pirate #

Thief #

Academic #

Specialization #

Historian #

Engineer #

Scientist #

Military #

Specialization #

Soldier #

Tactician #

Spy #

Politician #

Diplomat #

Statesperson #

Populist #

A statesman is a person who is experienced in the art of government, and is able to navigate the political landscape effectively. They are the career politician through and through with little real world experience outside of politics.

Populist #

Skills #

Social #

  • Perception: General skills of observation & empathy. You might be able to perceive whether someone is being honest, lying, or trying to smooth things over.
  • Convince: To persuade someone to agree with an idea, course of action, etc. Generally speaking the difference between convincing and lying is the degree to which the topic at hand is grounded in truth. Convincing someone may be harder than lying in some cases but it can build a better relationship in the future.
  • Smooth Over: Ranks in this skill make someone particularly adept that repairing relationships or framing a disaster in such a way it is better received.
  • Lie: The ability to tell a convincing lie. Outright lying may be easier in the short term, but can ruin relationships if the person lied to learns of the lie.
  • Network: Each character’s background grants it access to a network of associates, allies and friends of friends.

Physical #

  • Athletics
  • Grit: The ability to maintain focus and determination in the face of challenges.
  • Stealth

Mental #

  • Knowledge (General)
  • Knowledge (Specialization)
  • Knowledge (Local)

Piloting #

  • Pilot
  • Weapons [Missile, Ballistic, Plasma]

Initiative #

The characters ability to react quickly when engaged in combat. A higher initiative means a higher likelihood to act first when establishing a turn order.

Improving Skills #

Skills can either b

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