Each turn represents the actions that can be done in a turn by a participant in the combat. Each turn consists of 2 actions. Any combinations of actions can be used in a turn. Actions consist of

  • Move
  • Attack
  • Recover (Two Actions)
  • First Aid
  • Use an Item

Initiative #

The characters ability to react quickly when engaged in combat. A higher initiative roll means the higher likelihood to act first when establishing a turn order. A high Dexterity or Wisdom can contribute to an initiave roll. The reasoning being that a high dexterity allows for quicker reflexes, where a higher wisdom grants the perception that combat is about to break out allowing more time to react. To calculate initiative: Roll a d100 and add the highest stat of either wisdom or dexterity to this roll plus any bonuses.

Weapons #

Defense #

A character’s defense represent their ability to avoid being hit by assailant’s attack. A character’s base defense is 50 plus their dexterity. Some Programs and Abilities also provide bonuses to defense.

Armor #

Armor is anything worn by a character that can prevent them taking damage. Armor takes damage in place rendering it ineffective over time if not maintained. Every piece of armor has a stat of how much damage it can absorb without taking damage itself.

Entertaining this rule #

A player can choose how to damage is distributed between the character and the armor.

Melee #

Every weapon has either Strength or Dexterity attribute that is used as it’s base stat. That base stat can be added to any attack rolls with that weapon. To perform a melee attack you must use one of your turn actions.

To determine if a melee attack hits, roll a d100 and add the weapons base stat to it as well as any bonuses. Compare that to the opposing characters defense. If it is equal or greater than the opposing defense it hits.

Damage #

If a melee attack hits, role the specified number of dice that that item and add it’s base stat to the damage.

Ranged #

Note: I have no idea how to make this balanced. I’m going to start with a few different options and maybe poll via play-test.

Basic weapons

  • handgun
  • shotgun
  • rifle

Option 1 #

(D100 + Accuracy Score + dexterity + bonuses) - (2 per metre from target) - (defense of the target)

Option 2 #

Range table

Option 3 #

D100 + Accuracy score + dex + bonuses - (defense of the target) up to a Certain range per weapon.

Effective Range Handgun, 50m Rifle, 550m Shotgun, 100m

Sources: Some dude on Quora

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