Introducing System Theory #

Origin #

Tens of thousands of years ago humans managed to achieve faster than light travel. The exact mechanism is lost to the annuls of history.

Dice System #

All outcomes that require dice to be rolled will use either a d100 (two ten-sided die) or any number of d6 (six-sided die). Whenever an event occurs a character will roll a d100 to check to see if they succeed at the event. There are 3 types of checks: Combat, Generic and Skill. Checks all roll a d100. Damage is calculated by rolling any given number of d6 dice. The amount of dice to be rolled is denoted by Xd6 where X is the number of dice to roll.

Skills Checks #

Whenever a character is given a task to accomplish, a skill check is performed to see if they are successful at it. To perform a skill check, the calculation is: d100 + skill rank + relevant stat + bonuses. The skill check needs to be equal or greater than Action Difficulty Rating (ADR) of the task at hand. This number is determined by your game master (GM). If a character has enough skill, talent and equipment to beat an ADR without rolling any dice it is considered to be an automatic success. The exception being if a character is under stress.

Under Stress #

Under stress represents that in high stakes situations a character that normally would have an easy time.

Some tasks could be completed easily by a character under normal circumstances. For example, an athletic character would be expected to easily jump across a distance of 1.5 metres on the ground (ADR of 15). That character has a Strength of 5 and 10 ranks in athletics, it is an impossible event to not pass that skill check. However, if that character was required to jump that same distance, but instead of being on the ground it is between two rooftops. The skill check being made would be considered to be made under stress.

If a character is under stress a roll of 10 or less is considered a failure no matter how high that characters skill may be.

There are talents and augmentations that a character can acquire as they experience the galaxy that can reduce the effects of stress in general or in specific scenarios.

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