Programs and Competencies

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There are two of main ways on progressing a character, programs and competencies. Downloading a program, or being gaining a new competency results in bonuses in the form of skills, attributes, and percentage improvements on specific actions. Programs can be purchased and downloaded into their character via Neural Interface | Link | API. Competencies are acquired via life experience. Both installing a program and gaining a competency increases a character’s competency score. The competency score is used strictly for GMs to balance campaigns and missions.

Neural Interface #

The Neural Interface is what separates a character from the common people of the Galaxy. It allows the user supplement their skills and abilities via installing a program. It may contain lessons on combat, or the art of influencing people. A program can also provide instructions on piloting a ship, or interfacing with a specific machinery.

Scientists across many governments have tried to determine any genes that would determine whether a human will reject an interface after it has been installed, but any theories up to this point have been in conclusive. The rejection of an interface is violent and painful, usually resulting in significantly lowered brain function in the best case and death in the worst. The means to determine compatibility are largely conducted by those of relative wealth, military, or black market.

It is reasonable to assume that the societal equivalent of upper middle class and above can afford a test. The implant however can only be afforded by the wealthy or the military. Like any good in demand, the interface can be found on the black market. Despite it being considerably more affordable the quality and safety is usually compromised and comes with increased risk.

Neural Interfaces also allow someone to interface directly with some machinery including any spacecraft that has been equipped to interface with it. A person who is interfacing with a ship can do the work of an entire crew, and is a big part of the reason why someone who has one installed is propelled to the upper echelons of society.

Programs #

Every program has a name, description, pre-requisite, stat bonus, limit, cost and competency score. Installing a program will transfer that bonus and competency score to the character installing it permanently. A program can be install once for an effect. If the same program were to be installed again it would have no affect. It would be like someone teaching you basic arithmetic after having already learned it.

How to Influence Friends and Win People #

At some point anthropologists noticed a peculiar phenomenon. Every society eventually produces a literary work on influencing those around them and acquiring friends. Initially it was shrugged off as something that was shared over time and just never seemed to go away, but over time researchers found examples of isolated societies also produced the same book. In every case the title and content was almost entirely the same. A staple program for any politician (and enterprising smugglers), the lessons learned in this are a must have.

Prerequisite: None Bonus: Installing this program will increase convince and network modifiers by 3. Competency Score: 10 Cost: 10,000 Credits

Small Arms Training #

Medium Arms Training #

The Art of Defense #

The Detectives Guide #

+3 perception

Competencies #

Mechanically speaking, competencies are very similar to programs however you do not need a Neural interface to acquire them. Every Competency has a name, description, pre-requisite, stat bonus, limit, cost and competency score. Competencies represent getting better at a task through practice and real life experience. They can be either given out by the GM for meeting some pre-determined condition or alternatively by players by spending experience points. Experience points are awarded at the GMs discretion at the end of each gaming session.

Bite The Bullet #

You are good at going into hairy situations and getting things done. You are able to keep a cool head and push through combat much more effectively than the average person.

Pre-requisite: Participated in 3 separate instances of combat Bonus: Get one more unit of focus for use in gunfights or skirmishes Competency Score: 10 Cost: 3 exp

Strength Training #

Your character hits the gym, eats right and it shows.

Bonus: Permanently increase Strength by 1 Cost: 1 exp + 1 for each time previously selected

Agility Training #

Your character spends time training their reflexes, hand-eye coordination, and/or plyometrics. Bonus: Permanently increase Dexterity by 1 Cost: 1 exp + 1 for each time previously selected

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